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Xm Radio Mounting Brackets

Looking for a stylish and sturdy dash mounting bracket to keep your satellite Radio on your wall? Investigate our Xm Radio mounting brackets! These sturdy pieces make even a small hole in your wall front-and-center your favorite show.

Satellite Radio Mounting Bracket

This is a low-profile satellite Radio mounting bracket, it is manufactured of sturdy materials and extends a low profile, making it facile to use. It also provides a low profile, making it facile to close up when you're not using it, the Radio motorcycle kit with flex mount l-bracket and short antenna is top-rated for motorcycle enthusiasts who crave to keep their Radio safe and sound. This kit includes a short antenna and a Radio motorboat kit to make your motorcycle just perfect, these brackets are made for the sirius Xm mounting bracket sirius satellite Radio toy-sc1 oem. They are facile to order and best-in-class for adding a new Radio to your car, the brackets come with a hardware tool, so you can add them to your car in minutes. The brackets are black, but any color you want can be used, they fit most cars. This is a high-quality Xm Radio mounting bracket that allows for correct installation of your new sat radio, this bracket comes with a low profile that makes it simple to understand and is top-grade for adding an extra layer of protection for your sat radio. The bracket is conjointly weatherproof and renders a smooth to the ground surface of your sat.