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Coil Pack Mounting Bracket

This product is a Coil Pack mounting bracket for the 04-11 mazda rx8 rx-8 ls3 ls7, it fits the rx-8 and ls3 models. It is fabricated of durable materials to ensure long life for your car, the bracket is straightforward to handle and is top-grade for conversions.

Coil Pack Mounting Bracket Amazon

The ignition Coil Pack mounting bracket is a best-in-class substitute to keep your engine running like a well-oiled machine, this mount doesn't require any tool from you, and it's facile to handle because it's just 4. 5" long and extends the bracket is moreover made from heavy-gauge steel for extra stability, this is a Coil Pack mounting bracket for the 87-93 ford mustang. It is manufactured of metal and offers a metal mountings bracket for the Coil pack, the bracket also extends an 87-93 ford mustang 2. 3 5, 0 ignition Coil for, 0 ignition Coil packing bracelet. The bracket is produced of heavy-duty metal and is prescription-sealed, it's an excellent addition to your car, and it can help keep your coils safe and sound. This is an 3, 8 l ford mustang 1997 97 94-98 free ship Coil Pack mounting bracket. It can be used to mount the Coil Pack of a certain car to the back of your vehicle, the Pack can be in the form of a battery, battery box, or even a Pack of cigarettes. This Pack can also be used to suspend the Pack from a beam, or even use it as a support for a song or song lyric, this Coil Pack mounting bracket is an exceptional surrogate to keep your car's ignition Coil Pack in sight and in your car.